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Great architectural design can only be accomplished with experience and knowledge of the limitless possibilities available with modern building materials. Our concepts utilise these while respecting historical methods of construction, as every site and individual is unique. We use a range of technology to produce an efficient design process, starting on-site by using Laser Distancemeters to produce accurate surveys of buildings, external structures and small areas of land. CAD software is then used to accurately and efficiently reproduce survey information into base drawings, this provides the flexibility to create proposals. The two dimensional drawings created using CAD do not always allow the imagination to perceive how the proposal will look, so as an optional service we can produce 3D Visualisations. These allow the client to see images of their concept at any angle, and even a 'walk though' so you can almost feel what it would be like to move around the new space.


CPA Planning Design is owned and run by Mr. Christopher Aylward, with over 21 years experience in Architecture, Planning Drawing creation, utilising Computer Aided Design ("CAD") Software by AutoDesk. Qualifications include up to 5 years in Construction and Building Studies, including a two year Higher National Certificate.

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